Well, it sure has been a while, eh? I redecorated a bit (or my friend did, really). As I spend too much time of Facebook I don’t get on here much to tell what’s going on (that, and I’d lost my password).

So what’s in the news? Two things worth mentioning. First would be the new novella I have coming out. It’s called Butterfly Potion and is being published by Nightscape Press and I couldn’t be more please, both with the book and with the publisher. Great folks there at Nightscape.

Second, there is a sale going on. Fractal Despondency in kindle is $1.49 through April and the money is going to support the Santa Fe Recovery Center, which provides treatment for individuals struggling with addiction. If 100 copies sell I’ll post a video of me singing Rebecca Black’s immortal classic “Friday”. If another 100 sell I’ll do a song by popular vote, and so on and so forth. So considering grabbing a kindle copy. You get one of my books, you might see me behave like a complete idiot, and the money is going to a good cause.

Hmm, I guess that’s it at the moment. Hope I don’t take so long between updates next time.

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